Special Events


Leadership Forum: The illusion of leadership – Uncovering
what it really takes to implement meaningful change

Friday, 8th of July 2016, 12.30 – 2.00pm

This will be a round-table style lunch forum at the Melbourne Savage Club on the topic of The illusion of leadership: Uncovering what it really takes to implement meaningful change.

I have invited a panel of three accomplished colleagues to briefly address the topic by way of case studies. This should provide foundation for an open group discussion and for us to delve into points of interest.

Our panel members are:
  • Andrew Beeson – CFO Director and Chairman of both listed and large privately held businesses. He is also the Principal of the Melbourne based firm Financial Resources.

  • Kevin Pittman – Experienced CEO and government advisor with a special interest in developing business response and government policy to deal with rapid changes in the demography of regional Australia.

  • Sean Spence – Highly regarded C-suite advisor with an impressive background in international business, especially in Banking, Manufacturing and Technology.  Sean is working with senior executives who are leading some of Australia’s most influential and dynamic businesses

As a round-table forum the focus is on peer-to-peer professional development, and as such, this is an invitation only luncheon for senior executives, company directors, and business owners.  Please drop me a line if you would like express an interest in attending similar events.


Clients and Friends Cocktail Party
Wednesday, 13th of April 2016, 6.00 – 9.00pm

By invitation


Building Brand for Better Business
Friday, 9th of October 2015, 12.30 – 2pm

Please join us on the 9th of October 2015 for a round-table style lunch forum on the topic of Building Brand for Better Business. Michel Hogan, a leading independent brand advocate and writer, will open the discussion with some insights on the value of brand building for professional services business. As usual, there will be plenty of discussion and insights from the floor.

Michel is an entertaining speaker who will help us explore what brand really is all about and how to build value by being brand aware. Further information about Michel and her insights can be found at her website www.michelhogan.com or by checking out her articles with Smart Company.


Consultant’s Luncheon: The Future of Consulting
Friday, 1st of May 2015, 12.30 – 2pm

A special invitation only event on The Future of Consulting.

Please refer to email notice for details.


Leadership Supper Club: Managing Change for
Strategic Outcomes

Thursday, 13th of November 2014, 6 – 8pm

Please come an join me on the 13th for supper-club style professional development forum on topic of Managing Change for Strategic Outcomes.

We will explore the difference between event driven change and transformative change, and what leadership styles are needed to improve the outcomes for each. I’ll also present a simple model and toolkit for change management that anyone can apply to whatever scale of change you are managing.

These are interactive invitation only events, and everyone gets to participate. This ensures great company and high-quality insights.

Please drop me a line if you would like come along. Further details are outlined below.


Location: Basement of the Melbourne Savage, 12 Bank Place MelbourneSavage Club Doors


  • 6.00 – 6.15 Welcome and introductions
  • 6.15 – 6.30 Opening presentation
  • 6.30 – 7.30 Discussion and review of handouts
  • 8.00 Close

Cost: $35 including wine, savouries and discourse. Tax invoice noting 2 hours of PD provided.

Please register your interest by phone or email as soon as possible as attendance will be restricted to allow for group discussion and questions.


Data Possibilities: Harnessing the Data Economy
Sofitel, Melbourne
15th of October 2014, 2 – 6pm (Drinks and networking from 4pm)

Simon Hill, on of our regular luncheon contributors, is coordinating this event for MIP in Melbourne.  It’s open to consultants, senior IT managers and business strategist who would like to learn about emerging trends in enterprise analytics.

The official blurb is bellow.

MIP is proud to bring together 3 of the world’s leading Analytics Companies in an Australian first nationwide road show. Don’t miss this opportunity to come and hear Senior Representatives from Alteryx, Tableau Software and WhereScape discuss the future of Enterprise Analytics and how their technologies and vision are changing the analytics landscape as we know it.

The presenters will discuss:

  • Advanced Analytics and Visualisation – Come and see the new approaches
  • Key Strategies for Analytics Success across the Enterprise
  • From Data Analyst to Data Scientist – Technologies that help everyone
  • Advanced Data Blending and Pre-Processing – no more Excel and Access
  • To Persist or not to Persist – That is the Question
  • Big Data, Little Data, ANY Data – Integrated Analytics from a Myriad of Sources
  • Storyboarding and storytelling – where do they fit
  • Using and deploying ‘R’ easily

The analytics world has seen an explosion in the last 18-24 months with respect to technologies and techniques being applied and by the type of user applying them.

A whole new audience and user base is emerging, demanding ease of use and speed to insight. Come and see how the leading analytics companies are supporting and driving this change.

Who should attend:

  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Information Management Managers and Directors
  • Systems Analysts
  • Data and Information Architects
  • Data Analysts and Data Scientists
  • IT Directors, CIOs, CEOs
  • Data Warehouse Managers
  • Marketing Managers, Business Managers and many more

You are invited to confirm your attendance through the MIP website or drop Simon a line – simon.hill@mip.com.au.


Beating the crisis: A Leadership Q&A Luncheon at the
Melbourne Savage Club on the
8th of August 2014

A special Leadership Q&A round-table luncheon to be held in the Private Dining Room of the Melbourne Savage Club on Friday the 8th August. My guest and speaker, Mr Kevin Pittman, will outline the link between dying regional centres and the emerging crisis in caring for the elderly and the disabled. Kevin will outline affordable and practical solutions and invite discussion on these important topics

“Convergent socio-economic and demographic trends, that have increasingly affected human services for more than 10 years, have suddenly become a national budgetary and “entitlement” crisis. In fact the crisis is in a lack of understanding of what is really happening and the need for new paradigms of service structure and delivery as much as funding. What we need is a strategic overview of what is happening and a public discussion about human services – how we deliver them, how we structure them, how we can afford them. And we need it now.”

Kevin Pittman, 2014

This discussion will stimulate your thinking and provide you with an insight on how policy can be crafted to provide progressive solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

Please register your interest by phone or email as soon as possible as attendance will be restricted to allow for group discussion and questions.

The cost for this event is $55 which includes lunch, wine, cheese and coffee. I’ll confirm payment arrangements when you register.

Please note: This is not a public event. Please contact me if you are interested in joining my luncheon group.