Honoured and privileged: A plea for restraint

Judge by MSYes, Your Honour, I’m guilty of announcing on LinkedIn that I went to a conference and found it interesting.

In my defence, Your Honour, I would submit that I was restrained in my use of words such as transformational, honoured, great, privileged and incredible. And I emphatically deny describing anything as awesome.

Yes, there was a photo of the event, but I’m certain it wasn’t a selfie of me next to a minor social media celebrity*.

Your Honour, I realise now that my actions were reckless and degrading.

No, Your Honour, there was no material gain from my actions… Though, I did receive a handful of likes and two inane comments that I am obliged to repay sometime in the future.

Yes, Your Honour, I see that now. It was indeed a pointless waste of time and I concede that my actions contributed to cluttering up the internet with stupid and superficial content.

I have nothing further, Your Honour.


* A social media celebrity is defined as a person with over 1,000 followers. Can be easily recognised by their carefully invented title and often spotted handing out boomeranglikes (i.e expected to be returned in the near future).

One thought on “Honoured and privileged: A plea for restraint

  1. That is brilliant!

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