Viva la revolution: Making social media relevant again

By Mark Schroffel

My inbox is under siege from a social media feeds that have endless supply of spammy tips on leadership and business success. Real emails have little hope of breaking through the noise.

Initially annoyed by it all, I now find some entertainment in reading some of the vignettes on offer. I’m also amused by by-lines and titles; a good one from earlier today is a fellow who labels himself as an Emotional Wellness Consultant. The same guy (with no apparent qualifications in mental health) got a bunch of likes from telling his followers that when “I” is replaced by “we”, even “illness” becomes “wellness”. Now that makes me emotional – not in a good way.

So I made it a project over the holidays to explore the settings in my social media to cut-off unsolicited emails, and to try and tweak my social media so that it’s useful and relevant again. Having made a few changes, I’m enjoying what’s on offer.

There are some genuinely clever people out there offering quality insights and amusing coverage of the events of the day. I particularly admire those talented people who can humorously convey a position on a complex issue with just a photo and no more than 140 characters.

Now to transform this screed into a blog and do some spamming of my own. Might even give myself a new title while I’m at it: Social Media Revolutionist has a certain ring to it.

Sweet revenge.

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