Leadership and Power: Getting to the heart of Change Management

By Mark Schroffel

Change Managers have been getting it wrong for years now. Since change management first became popular a decade or so ago, the (so called) change experts have been proclaiming the virtues of pain reduction and bringing people along the …wait for it… j o u r n e y.

Having been a founding partner of an org change consultancy, I can tell you that my personal view has evolved considerably since those early days of just providing glorified communication and administrative service for program managers and GMs.

While I agree that there is a place for the folks who conduct readiness assessments, chart the network of influencers, and meticulously track impacts; I say that this stuff is administration not management – and it’s definitely not leadership.

Change Management is really about seizing the opportunity to do something special and taking deliberate action to disrupt the status quo for the long-term good. Not only does this require leadership, it also requires a power-base for taking action.

Leadership and power are at the heart making lasting and meaningful change.

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