Got bragging rights? Please don’t

By Mark Schroffel

As long as people aren’t bragging, I’m sure most of us are delighted to hear that our friends are doing well.

The reality is that most of the things that go on in professional life are hardly newsworthy. Though, I’ve noticed that some people have developed the knack for making the most routine career-event sound like the conquering of Everest.

I must admit to feeling uneasy when I see one of those updates about the unbridled success of a colleague’s latest seminar or project. There’s only so much elation this curmudgeon can take.

The indulgence of using modern superlatives such “killer” and “awesome” only makes matters worse. The “my killer speech in Santiago” update translates to “I’ve gone very a long way to find an audience so I can ultimately tell the folks back home all about it”.

I reckon there should be a “cringe” button right alongside “like”. But then again, who’d be game to use it?

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