Strategy bites: Doing nothing is an option

OK you’ve got me; making a decision to do nothing is actually doing something. Just let me make the point that sometimes allowing things to take their course can produce better outcomes than incessant meddling.

Have you been in the situation where someones’s over reaction to a perceived issue produces a bigger problem than the one they were trying to resolve in the first place? Sure you have, and you’ve probably been the culprit of this once or twice too.

You may also recall problems somehow resolved themselves due to slight shift in circumstances, or somebody else taking much need action.

I’m not suggesting sitting back and letting “the universe do its job”, but I am advocating the need to take a long-term view and to consider the consequences of your proposed actions.

Taking a strategic perspective means getting out of the hear and now and considering how things might play out in the long term.

Occasionally you may just decide on doing nothing.

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