Leadership: It’s not your call

I think most people are sceptical about leadership development, and perhaps rightly so. There is an absurd abundance of nebulous blog posts and discussion threads on the precious topic of leadership.  One idea that I would like to highlight to readers is that leadership is in the eye of the beholder. Just like beauty, leadership is an abstract attribute that is judged by others.

With this idea in mind, perhaps an approach to leadership development is to help people focus on making their unique and appreciable contribution to the lives of others.

What roles do you play that makes a difference, and how does your contribution make you a leader?

One thought on “Leadership: It’s not your call

  1. I agree, leadership is a very fluid and dynamic entity. “Managing” leadership can be a major effort and needs to be considered in the context of the situation and the personality of those involved. When considering personality, is it just as important to consider the self as well as that of others? I believe so. Knowing when to be directive, when and how to be supportive, when to be nurturing and when to be in the background all contribute to the effectiveness of the ‘Leader’ and the ‘subordinate’ in terms of outcomes and effectiveness.

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